Academic conferences in Historical & Philosophical Studies

16th Annual Meeting of the European Association of ArchaeologistsNetherlands2010-09-010000-00-00
Philosophy as an Anthropological UniversalSpain2010-10-040000-00-00
Mysticism without Bounds (MwB)India2011-01-052010-09-30
Focus Asia 2011India2011-02-022010-10-15
Romanticism and the Tyrannies of DistanceAustria2011-02-102010-09-01
20th Annual British Commonwealth & Postcolonial Studies ConferenceUnited States2011-02-252010-09-01
Architecture+Philosophy 2011United States2011-04-082011-01-15
Working Through Psychoanalysis: Freud's Legacy in Art, Cinema, Literature and Popular Culture Unknown / Not Specified2011-04-152010-09-20
The Reception of Greek Antiquity in Music, 19th Century to the PresentGreece2011-07-012010-09-01
2nd Colombian Conference on Logic, Epistemology, and Philosophy of ScienceColombia2012-02-082011-11-15
14th Advanced Bioethics Course 'Suffering, Death and Palliative Care'Netherlands2012-02-140000-00-00
2012 International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in SocietyCanada2012-02-200000-00-00
Religions, Science, and Technology in Cultural Contexts: Dynamics of ChangeNorway2012-03-012011-08-01
Gender and Women's Studies in the Arab RegionUnited Arab Emirates2012-03-072011-09-30
5th Global Conference: Interculturalism, Meaning and IdentityCzech Republic2012-03-090000-00-00
ACERP 2012 - The Second Annual Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy 2012China2012-03-302011-12-01
Monsters: Subject, Object, AbjectUnited Kingdom2012-04-122012-01-01
The British World: Religion, Memory, Culture and SocietyAustralia2012-07-022012-04-12
International Conference on Media, Religion and CultureTurkey2012-08-130000-00-00
20 YEARS SINCE THE NOBEL PRIZE: Anniversary Symposium on the Works of Toni MorrisonSweden2013-10-182013-06-10
Human Rights, Literature, the Arts and Social SciencesUnited States2013-10-212013-03-31
Cultural history conferenceTurkey2013-10-232013-07-26
CULTHIST \'13: CULTURAL HISTORY CONFERENCE / on Symbols in the History of CultureTurkey2013-10-232013-07-26
The Asian Conference on Society, Education and TechnologyJapan2013-10-262013-07-01
2013 2nd International Conference on History and Society Development - ICHSD 2013United Kingdom2013-11-182013-07-01
2nd International Conference on Social SciencesSri Lanka2013-11-222013-06-17
PERSPECTIVES ON PROGRESS 2013Australia2013-11-272013-05-31
Word in the Cultures of the East: Sound - Language - BookPoland2013-11-282013-06-15
Talking NeolithicGermany2013-12-022013-07-01
POLITHIST \'13 POLITICAL HISTORY CONFERENCE on Government Systems and History of StateTurkey2013-12-192013-07-26
The 2nd Conference on Anthropology and Sustainability in AsiaThailand2013-12-202013-08-15
The Common Denominator: A Postgraduate Conference in British Cultural StudiesGermany2014-04-202013-06-30
Archaeology 2015: Ancient Cultures in the Lands of the BibleIsrael2014-06-212014-10-15
Othello\'s Island: Medieval and Renaissance Arts, Culture and History 2015Cyprus2015-03-202014-01-31
The Fifth Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy 2015Japan2015-03-262014-12-01
Fifth International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in SocietyUnited States2015-04-161014-10-02

Subjects in Historical & Philosophical Studies

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