Academic conferences in Social Sciences & Social Care

Intellectual Topographies and the Making of CitizenshipPortugal0000-00-002010-08-16
Interrogating Complicities: Postcolonial, Queer and the Threat of the NormativeUnited States2010-09-052010-08-03
Social Causes, Private LivesAustralia2010-12-062010-08-30
Destination Slum: The production and consumption of poverty in travel and tourismUnited Kingdom2010-12-092010-09-01
Debating Gender Justice in AsiaMalaysia2010-12-092010-09-30
Australians Abroad: An interdisciplinary conferenceAustralia2011-02-102011-08-31
2011 Annual Meeting of the North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society (NAFIPS 2011) Bookmark and ShareUnited States2011-03-182010-10-11
Passive and Active Measurement ConferenceUnited States2011-03-202010-10-09
European Conference for Academic DisciplinesGermany2011-04-102011-03-01
European Conference for Academic DisciplinesGermany2011-04-102011-03-01
Body Area Network for Ubiquitous Healthcare Applications: Theory and ImplementationUnited States2011-04-102010-11-01
Working Through Psychoanalysis: Freud's Legacy in Art, Cinema, Literature and Popular Culture Unknown / Not Specified2011-04-152010-09-20
CKS - 5th International Scientific Session Challenges of the Knowledge SocietyRomania2011-04-152011-01-15
French Theory : reception in the visual arts in the United States between 1965 and 1995Belgium2011-05-122010-10-01
Tennessee Williams in Europe: A Centenary Celebration, 1911-2011France2011-06-242010-10-15
International Conference on Social SciencesTurkey2011-10-070000-00-00
Hydrology Conference 2010United States2011-10-112011-10-01
Gloss 2011India2011-10-202010-12-31
Conference on Social Media in Hospitality and TourismItaly2011-10-212011-03-01
3rd International Conference on Iran and the World Contemporary Developments (Virtual Conference)Iran2012-10-032012-03-15
2013 2nd International Conference on Society, Humanity and History - ICSHH 2013Spain2013-08-102013-06-01
2013 2nd Journal Conference on Social Science and HumanityChina2013-09-012013-06-25
7th Global Conference: Multiculturalism, Conflict and BelongingUnknown2013-09-012013-03-22
3rd Global Conference: Communication and ConflictUnited Kingdom2013-09-052013-03-22
International Conference in Social Sciences, Health and EnvironmentAustralia2013-09-222013-08-15
International Research Conference on Biological, Pharmaceutical, Physical and Life SciencesMalaysia2013-09-262013-07-20
Post-conflict, Cultural heritage and Regional development: International ConferenceNetherlands2013-10-090000-00-00
The Value(s) of Sexual DiversityBelgium2013-10-142013-07-16
The 2013 International Conferences on Socio-Cultural, Anthropology, Criminology and International RelationsIndonesia2013-10-140000-00-00
Chinese migration, entrepreneurship and development in the new global economyItaly2013-10-292013-04-19
2013 2nd International Conference on History and Society Development - ICHSD 2013United Kingdom2013-11-182013-07-01
Conference on on Politics, Ideology, IdentityTurkey2013-11-282013-07-05
Talking NeolithicGermany2013-12-022013-07-01
Business and Social Science Research Conference: Paris 2013France2013-12-202013-10-21
1st Journal Conference on Social Science and Humanity 2015Netherlands2015-02-122014-12-01
Society and Information Technologies: ICSIT 2011*United States2027-03-202030-03-20

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