Academic Apps

Suggestion Box

This application offers a suggestion box, highlighting our focus on encouraging open and honest feedback. It provides a platform for individuals to submit suggestions, contributing to improvements in research, teaching and learning, management, and workload management.

Key Features

Anonymous or Detailed Submissions

Users can submit suggestions anonymously or include their details if they desire a response. This feature allows for honest feedback while respecting the privacy of the users.

User-Friendly Submission Process

Easy to use interface for adding suggestions, with options for anonymity. Users can specify the area of their suggestion, such as research, teaching, or workload management.

Review and Response System

Suggestions can be reviewed by the relevant department or team. Replies can be sent back to users who have provided their contact information.

Simple Analysis Tools

Capability to create word clouds for a visual and straightforward analysis of the suggestions received. This helps in quickly identifying common themes and areas of concern.