Accreditation Software


Our Accreditation app provides a wide range of reports for both internal and external accreditation purposes. The application is versatile, with extensions available for specific School or programme accreditations, including support for Business School related accreditations like the Triple Accreditation. Our Accreditation Software is an essential tool for educational institutions seeking to maintain high standards and compliance with accreditation bodies. It simplifies the process of generating detailed reports and analyses, supporting informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

School & Staff Reports

Staff CV

This feature exports CVs using each staff member's profile information, ensuring up-to-date and comprehensive curriculum vitae are readily available.

Staff Qualifications & Role

Lists all qualifications and roles added by staff to their profiles, enabling administrators to identify members who may need to update their information.

Staff Gender Reports

Provides longitudinal reports related to staff gender and contracts, instrumental for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) purposes.

Longitudinal Analysis

Offers graphs showing key trends within the school over several years, including trends on the number of staff, programmes, modules, and students.

Teaching & Learning Reports

Teaching by Staff Level

Analyses the level of staff engagement with each programme, using modules associated with each programme as a representative list.

Student Report by Gender

Provides longitudinal reports on student performance by gender, crucial for EDI purposes and policy making.

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