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WAM Software: Teaching & Learning

Our WAM Software offers a comprehensive range of features to streamline the management of teaching and learning activities in educational institutions, ensuring a balanced and effective academic environment.

Our WAM Software’s Teaching & Learning features are integral for educational institutions aiming to streamline academic management. These tools enhance the efficiency of teaching and learning administration, supporting a high-quality educational experience for both staff and students.

Teaching and Scholarship Allocations

Manages the distribution of teaching and scholarship responsibilities among staff, ensuring equitable and efficient allocation of academic duties.

Taught Programmes

Facilitates the administration of taught programmes, providing tools for managing programme specifics, including planning, delivery, and evaluation.

Module Outline Forms

Enables the creation and management of detailed module outlines, ensuring all necessary information is accurately documented and accessible.

Module Statistics

Provides statistical data on modules, offering insights into enrolment numbers, performance metrics, and other key module-related statistics.


Manages the scheduling of classes and events, ensuring an organised and conflict-free academic timetable for both staff and students.

Module Teaching Teams

Allows for the organisation and management of teaching teams for each module, promoting collaboration and effective distribution of teaching responsibilities.

Teaching Allocations Checks

Ensures that teaching allocations are accurate and in line with institutional policies and standards, preventing over or under-allocation of teaching duties.

Module Moderations

Manages the moderation process for modules, ensuring academic standards are upheld and consistent across different modules and programmes.


Provides tools for managing dissertation projects, including supervision assignments, submission tracking, and evaluation processes.


Enables effective management of tutor-tutee relationships, facilitating tracking and support of students throughout their academic journey.

Student Enrolment and Applications

Streamlines the process of student enrolment and application management, ensuring a smooth and efficient admission process.

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