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WAM Software: Research

Our WAM Software includes a robust suite of research management features, designed to streamline the administration of research activities and personnel within educational institutions.

The Research Group management features in our WAM Software are crucial for educational institutions looking to optimise their research administration and productivity. These tools provide comprehensive support for managing all aspects of research, from personnel to projects and publications.

Research Groups

Facilitates the creation and management of research groups, allowing for efficient organisation and oversight of research teams and their activities.

Research Allocations

This tool manages the allocation of resources and time for research activities, ensuring an equitable distribution of research opportunities among staff.

Project Buy-Outs

Manages the financial aspects of research, including project buy-outs, allowing for accurate budgeting and resource allocation for research projects.


Tracks and manages sabbatical leaves for research staff, ensuring that these periods are factored into the overall research planning and workload management.

Research Programmes

Enables the administration of various research programmes, providing a platform for managing programme specifics, from planning to execution and review.

Research Students

A comprehensive tool for managing research students, including tracking their progress, managing supervisory teams, and integrating them into research projects.

Research Analytics and Themes

Provides analytical tools and data insights for research activities, helping to identify key themes and trends in institutional research.


Manages and tracks research publications, providing an overview of the research output of the institution and individual researchers.


Tracks citation data for research publications, offering insights into the impact and reach of the institution's research work.

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