Workload Management Software

WAM Software: Administration

The Administration section of our WAM Software provides a comprehensive set of tools designed for efficient management of academic staff, groups, and academic programmes, ensuring a well-organised and productive educational environment.

Our WAM Software’s Administration features are key for institutions seeking to streamline their academic and research administration processes. These tools offer robust support for managing all aspects of academic staff and programme management, enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Academic Staff

Allows administrators to oversee and manage the details of all academic staff members, facilitating efficient staff management and record-keeping.


Provides tools for creating and managing academic groups, linking staff, students, and programmes to specific subject areas or departments.

Groups Membership

Enables the association of staff members with specific academic groups, streamlining group management and enhancing organisational clarity.

Staff Contracts

Facilitates the management of staff contracts for a given academic year, ensuring up-to-date contractual information and compliance with institutional policies.

Research Groups

Tools for creating and managing research groups, reflecting the research structure and focus of the school, enhancing research administration.

Research Groups Membership

Allows for the efficient management of memberships within research groups, ensuring proper alignment and resource allocation for research activities.

Research Students

Provides a platform for managing research students, including tracking their progress and managing supervisory arrangements.

Research Citations

Enables tracking and management of research publication citations, offering insights into the impact and reach of the school’s research output.


Allows for comprehensive management of academic programmes, ensuring that programme details are current, accurate, and aligned with educational objectives.


Facilitates the management of academic modules, including details such as module content, enrolment, and teaching allocations.

Workload Policy Rules

Provides tools for setting and managing workload policy rules, ensuring fair and efficient distribution of workload among staff members.

Review Allocations

Offers a feature to review and confirm workload allocations, ensuring that they align with policy rules and staff capacities.

Workload management software